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As part of the BBC’s two part series, Charlie was followed  nearly everywhere by a camera team in the second of the two. Whilst the program  is no longer available to watch on catch-up TV, you can purchase it from the BBC for £1.89 from their store Click here for the BBC Store

Best Charlie grey scale 126 by 169 “This is my personal take on trading and why I do it. Everyone will have a different perspective but the following passages are based on my individual experiences.

In order to attempt to document my views on trading, I have broken it down into sections. My aim from writing this is to help new traders appreciate the many facets of trading; the work that’s involved, the highs and lows, the lifestyle benefits, the psychological side, understanding the market, the odds of success plus a whole host of other nuances that make up the world of a trader.”

With that in mind, I hope this short report is of use….

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