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  1. Chris Baxter says:

    Hi Charlie, hope you’re keeping well. Listening to is blog got me wondering – have your swing trading results improved as a consequence of the trading room coming on line? I wondered why her the dialogue between traders had said n fact helped with your analysis and decision making. Just curious

  2. Rahul says:

    Can you shed a bit more light into the recent draw down you’ve had and when would the webinar for your 50 K to 500 K challenge be coming up ?

  3. Brett Johnson says:

    Thanks for that.

    Just wondering about a similar topic and maybe a subject for another Wednesday video – managing money for friends or family. Is there a good way to enable them to piggy back on your trading? And what are the pitfalls you need to watch out for?

    • Charlie Burton says:

      My advice. Don’t do it! Doing it for people you are close to can be hard psychologically especially if you have a drawdown, will they be ok with it? Anyway, I would generally say your better off not but of course its a personal choice….

  4. James Agar says:

    To do anything in Finance/Markets(Hedge Fund Manager,Trader,Investment Firm,basically anything involving money/trading) these days don’t you need to be FCA approved or have a certain exam qualification ?

    • Charlie Burton says:

      Yes absolutely but lots of ways to get into it. My point was to get people thinking about the benefit of trading just your own money…

  5. vimal says:

    Charlie. This is an excellent video. I have asked myself this question many times and at present, am in a very good work/life balance. I am going to keep it this way, keep stress to a level that I am comfortable with (which at present is very low) and contnue in the status quo. Managing funds for others would add additional time and complexity and its something I prefer to not have! Thanks again for a great video

  6. Helen says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I assume that ‘D’ is using swing trading, as he is still working full time? Is that correct? If so, which of your systems is he using?

    Also, is he using your app?

    And finally, how long has ‘D’ traded using your system?

    Many thanks and best wishes,

  7. Are you oracle? According to your last post you have predicted this move http://ezeetrader.com/is-a-stock-market-crash-coming-wednesdays-video/ and it worked as hell! Thanks, adding your website to my bookmarks

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