Our Products

We take pride in producing the best and most current education for our community. We do realise that one size does not fit all, hence we have developed a number of CD based courses which take this into account.

What is right for you?

What route you take may depend on the time you have available. For example you may want to fully immerse yourself into becoming a day trader. If this is the case you would most likely be interested in joining our trading room. To ensure that everyone has the same understanding we have put together a package which now contains all of our most up to date day trading strategies. Whilst classroom style teaching may suit education companies it rarely suits the student, as once it is completed they are normally left with nothing but a glossy hand book showing out of date examples and a fading memory of what they were taught. Our approach is to provide our students with the contents on CD’s and augment this with membership of our on-line day trading room. To find out more click here.

If you really only wish to be swing trading, then we have an MBT Swing Trading offering that includes a number of strategies that might be more suitable. With these strategies it is simply a case of learning the strategies then looking at the charts when you have time. Trades can be placed using brokers orders and then maintained by spending no more than 5 minutes a day, if that checking the progress! To find out more click here

Of course you may have never attended a trading course of any type and require something to get started. We have been asked on many occasions for a beginners course. It is something we never planned to do as most of our clients have had some basic education from the many organisations out that specialise in courses. In the main we prefer to trade and educate in a live environment as opposed to teach theory. Some time back we were asked to provide a course on CD for an absolute beginner so we put together a course which contains the main basics. To find out more click here