MBT swing trading

This is not for absolute beginners. Sorry but if you are a new trader, the material in this course will be too advanced at this stage….

The good news is that for any other trader, we have something rather special for you!

Charlie has put together ALL of his swing trading ideas into a brand new swing trading course (on CD-ROM).

You will likely already know that he set himself a challenge to turn a 10k account into a 100k account within 2 years in order to show what can be achieved. Well he’s now up over 400% in just over 12 months so is well on track!

The swing trades he does on the challenge account are what he is going to show you in this brand new swing trading course.

Below is a short 4 minute video Charlie did for me describing what the course is and why it’s different to anything he’s shown before.

So from what he says in his video above, these are the key advantages he discusses;

1. You shouldn’t worry about losing trades – if you are, you’re likely doing it wrong.
2. You will be able to identify very high reward to risk opportunities. Charlie is currently in a 17:1 trade right now!
3. This is a methodology, not a singular strategy. Charlie develops YOUR skills as a trader.
4. You don’t need Rafa Nadal’s tennis racket!
5. This is swing trading so perfect for traders who hold down a full time job as well as full time traders.

In this course, Charlie shows you how to correctly read the market using his MBT methodology. This allows you to take back control of your trading and only trade when you feel comfortable.

Within the course Charlie shows you;

1. The key questions you need answered to ensure you will trade consistently profitably.
2. Charlie’s principles of successful trading.
3. The number one most important part of trading.
4. His setups and methodology – this is where you see him bring it all together.
5. The trick of getting those huge reward to risk trades that can not only make your month, but your quarter!
6. The risk controls which mean you don’t have to have stop losses of hundreds of pips. In the current market, most trades have stops of under 50 pips.
7. The MBT can be applied to any market, not just Forex.
8. Trades can be setup using orders so you don’t need to be in front of your screen to execute.
9. The bonus strategy for the S&P in the appendix. It’s simple and its good!

All you need are your own charts (there are no special indicators that require expensive charting software) and your time.

Charlie will guide you through how you will trade when using his methodology. The beauty is that YOU will choose when you want to trade, not having to worry about missing a setup.

You don’t need to be trading frequently if you don’t want to. The high reward to risk trades that come along will take care of that! But if you do want to trade frequently, that’s absolutely fine too.

Charlie’s going to show you his complete method for how he swing trades on the challenge account that’s up over 400%.

You’ll have a much deeper appreciation of market structure as a result of this and be able to properly place them into the correct context. Then you let the market come to you and execute.

So what’s the deal?

The official price is £1399 which is great value for such a piece of work. We have recently reduced this to £997.00 which is even better value.


Click to buy now

Click to buy now

On the back of this, Charlie will do a follow up webinar on 28th May for you. In this, he will do a live run through plus will do a further webinar in 10 weeks time where he will repeat the process again.

So you will receive the course on CD-ROM with all the material and key features mentioned above plus have the chance to see Charlie going through everything in two live follow up webinars. You know how he likes to talk so you will definitely get a lot of material in those!


Click to buy now

Click to buy now

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“I have purchased and studied both the MBT and Day trading courses.

Although I purchased the courses quite recently(I have been trading 3 years when time will permit as I run a company)  I have noticed that the methodology from MBT along with the day trading strategies and the clear concise explanations of analysis has helped me find the final piece of the jigsaw so to speak and a noticeable increase in pips and consistency of winning trades has been the outcome and hopefully will continue to do so.”

R Seeley

“Some great calls from you via the MBT webinar and subsequent video updates this last week or so. Have to say with the direction of the pound and Dow in the bag (from you) I have cleaned up the past two weeks, excellent gains via day trades and MBT methodology. Feel very happy.”

R Diplock

“Hello Charlie. Just wanted to let you know that after I finished the MBT course, it finally opened my eyes to the missing parts. I have been trading with a comfy attitude the last week, though I had my losers, they did not upset me. I know there is still a long run. But I’m over 100% return in the last 2 months. Using your band play, combined with Swing trading. I had some amazing 1:10 trades. And very few losers(prob a bit lucky) but the most important part is that I now understand that losers are just part of the game, and I don’t feel bad when they come. I just reset, and start over. This is just a thank you! and keep up the good work.”

R Rusdal

“There’s no doubt in my mind that learning to trade is one of the most difficult challenges to set oneself, if it wasn’t for the products and support from the team at Ezeetrader and colleagues in the live trading room I’m sure the pursuit of my goal would long ago been lost. I have found many of their products to be extremely useful, always giving me a fresh perspective into technical and physiological aspects of the markets. MBT is no different, it’s use of multiple time frames allows me to quickly analyse price action and more importantly keeps me out of trades I would have otherwise taken. Trading for me is about risk management, MBT has allowed me to quickly analyse the potential risk/reward of a set up allowing me to easily absorb loosing trades and run winners, overall it has giving me the confidence to push my trading to the next level.”


“I did enjoy the MBT webinar and am very much looking forward to the next one
it was good to watch Charlie going through the analysis, for me this is so very helpful.
I felt that the MBT course brought together and made clear a lot of what Charlie talks about in the trading room.
I did trade the USD CAD and it worked out very well for me.
Since going through the MBT cd set I have taken fewer trades and have taken a lot more care choosing trades.
The analysis and the way you teach it on the CDs and in the room I think is outstanding.
I know that I have a way to go yet and with Charlie and Kym’s help and guidance, also the help from some very good traders in the room I know I will get there.
For what you guys put into the trading room and what I gain from it I can’t thank you enough.”


“This CD set is subtly different to Charlie’s previous work. Yes Charlie does cover some similar material, but it is applied in a different way. He’s refined what he was doing back when the Finer Points material was published. Each section is, as always, explained in great detail, and it’s fair to say that you really do have to go through each section several times over to pick up all the little nuisances. But most importantly, Charlie presents a step by step breakdown of his trading methodology, applied in this instance to swing trading.

The most important section on the discs for me was the section on price action. “Price leaves clues behind”, an obvious statement, something we’ve all heard many traders say, but until I went through these discs, I never really got it.

After watching the material on the MBT discs I completely re-vamped all of my charts and simplified them. The majority of the indicators are now gone, and my results have improved.

In addition to the consistent returns I’m seeing with the MBT swing trades, I’ve also applied Charlie’s methodology to intraday charts on the YM (Dow Futures contract) from 7pm – 9pm. Taking entries off 5min charts only using £0.5 per point and only taking one trade per session; 1 winner then stop for the night, that account made 5% in 10 days, and I didn’t trade every day. The results aren’t stellar, but they are consistent.

The discs are all about getting your analysis right first. Then find that low risk trade. Once you’ve done that just wait for the low risk entry, which due to the entry technique, generally has a very good Risk/Reward ratio. The whole approach requires minimal intervention once you’re in a trade; just a few minutes each day to adjust your stops and take profits.”

“I have now watched the DVD’s through twice and I am very very happy with MBT.
I have always struggled with the idea of multiple time frame analysis and the concept of entering a trade while the market is moving away from my target has never sat comfortably in my mind. This course has helped me to better understand both with the benefit of much improved reward to risk!

I watch (and enjoy) every one of Charlie’s Friday Live Trading videos and know how good and consistently profitable his calls are.
Now I think I can see clearer how he achieves his remarkable success.

As a result of this course I have also substantially simplified my charts and that makes analysis much easier too.
Now I will go back over my Momentum Trading, Day Trading and Finer Points DVD’s to see what I missed there!”

Kind regards,
David G
Awesome analysis of the USDJPY!!

“I found the MBT course was excellent and very useful. Apart from liking Charlie’s style of presentation the way he went through the structure of the technique was very clear and very helpful. As part of going through the principles, using current chart examples really helped to reinforce things. Having a follow up webinar was great and as Charlie was working from live charts, really doing the analysis on the fly, threw up loads of useful comments and thoughts. It’s a great idea to have regular follow up webinars, they will be very useful to help keep me on track and I’m looking forward to the next.”
Many thanks,


“I also want to say again how amazing I have found the MBT course. As a result of watching it through a few times (and also re-watching your other courses), I have had some genuine “Aha” moments and my ability to “read” the markets has improved dramatically over the last couple of weeks!
I know I had information before but the MBT course has all helped lots of things just click into place for me. Recently my entries have been PHENOMENAL in terms of timing, direction and price. I am very very grateful for the absolutely brilliant material you offer!”

Thank you.

Kind regards,
D Griffiths

“What a well and complete training tool you have put together with MBT trading. This is without doubt the best investment I have made in my trading education.

I have been using the information for the past couple of months and because you keep to structure and build the training, segment by segment I can report my account is climbing. I love the fact I can pause go back and check my charts, review individual segments multiple times, very helpful.

Again very much appreciate the educators like EzeeTrader and the “time investment” you have put into these training disc’s allowing me to gain velocity from your many years of trading.”

S Wambolt

“Please convey to Charlie that this set of disks were exactly what I needed personally. I spent the last year like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to take the plunge,

With this MBT Swing Trading series, the logical frame clicked into place and I’m suddenly up and functioning.”

P Baril