Friday’s live trading – Charlie’s up $1100 today…

Charlie apologies for the final minute of recording where he forgot he’d muted his mike!

Hi this is Charlie giving you Friday’s live trading. I hope you’re very well.


It is 7:40am. I’m looking at the Euro at the moment as I’ve got positions currently in there in a swing. I actually took one position off last night. I was logging off and then we had a spike so I took one off yesterday at the highs. I was lucky with that, I walked into my office to see a price spike.

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Adding in to open positions – Mid week update

In this video Kym looks at adding into open positions and analyzes the major pairs.


Hi this is Kym Watson of Ezee trader. Welcome to what should have been a midweek review of the markets, but has now turned into a Thursday review.

We’ll be looking at the rest of the month.

I wanted to cover a subject that came up in the trading room yesterday on adding into positions. Quite often, traders will do their best to get out of a position and take profits quite quickly. It’s something we sometimes encourage people to do because targets are being hit and it seems like a logical way to ensure the trade has some money locked in or limit losses.

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