We are pleased to announce our first trading partner as our representative in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon and UAE

Introducing Mohammad Batayneh

Mohammad Batayneh, a passionate Jordanian businessman, has always been eager about the markets. He first started his profession in motorcycle distribution, he then moved into the media and broadcasting business as a partner in a satellite TV station. Later, he stepped into the food and catering industry. Mohammad has never felt that his dreams were engaged with these fields, as he has always known that all his creative thoughts and career ambitions were tied up with trading. However, as many potential traders to be, he was hesitant to get into trading due to the reputation of being a risky business.

In 2004, Mohammad attended a complimentary technical analysis seminar that was held by a bank in Jordan, he was fascinated by the idea and the mental challenges involved. Something clicked in his mind and this was the point that emphasized that he needs to be in the markets. Soon he started gaining knowledge by reading books and watching videos related to trading. Five years later of self-teaching, he challenged himself with this unpretentious knowledge he built by opening a small trading account. This account was blown out in a couple of months. At this stage, the easiest solution was to abandon trading forever. Nevertheless, he had decided to pause trading to rearrange his thoughts more clearly and gather more education.

In 2011, he started his trading education intensively and attended many paid courses around the world to find out the most suitable trading technique for him, none provided him with much help really. In 2016, he came across Charlie and Kym’s videos on YouTube and followed them. Two years later, he contacted Ezeetrader and purchased all their courses and then he joined their trading rooms. A different era of his trading started here as he begun to be profitable with consistency and efficiency.

In 2019 Mohammad was privately mentored by Charlie Burton in Newbury-UK, this helped lifting his trading knowledge and style to a sharper level and he was finally able to conclude the different aspects of trading and mange it successfully. He feels a lot of appreciation for Ezeetrader as they advanced his trading and mindset to superior level. “I would have never done it without them” he said.

Mohammad is now representing Ezeetrader as a sole representative and agent in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and UAE. He will exclusively be teaching Ezeetrader’s courses and trading strategies in his trading Academy in Jordan (Ezeetrader-Jordan). This academy presents the highest level of trading education to our clients in Jordan and UAE throughout real, experienced, profitable, and advanced level traders.

Contact info:

Jordan-British Trading Academy ( Ezeetrader- Jordan)

Amman- Jordan

Tell: + 962 6 537 76 88

Mobile : +962 79 777 2 777

Email: info@ezeetrader-jo.com

Facebook: @Ezeetraderjo