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AIAuto Trading Is Here!

Don’t read any further unless you have 17 minutes to watch Charlie’s incredible video!

Seriously, you only need to put just 17 minutes aside before reading the remaining page – and, I promise, this really is going to be worth your time!


When we first launched the AI Trader, it was designed to act as a huge support to an individual trader.

It performed back tests in a matter of seconds plus, it generated signals for traders to either ‘accept’ or ‘decline’.


Now it has gone SO much further….


The AI Trader can now fully auto trade your account!

Have a watch of Charlie’s video below to see just how impressive this software really is….

So, the AI Trader software takes Charlie’s DST Strategy and automates it to your PERSONAL PREFERENCES.

  • If you want it to trade on just a few timeframes – no problem!
  • If you want specific markets – sure!
  • If you want individual risk settings – absolutely!
  • Do you want your stop moved to breakeven at a specific point – yep!
  • Want to regularly re-train it on the latest data – definitely!
  • Perhaps you want to let it show live simulated trading before going fully ‘live’ – done!
  • Become your own portfolio manager!

And that’s what it’s all about!


As you can see, the power of this brand new AI software is the ability to simultaneously be running your ‘bots’ in both paper, and live modes, and to execute regular re-trains of your systems on the latest data.

As per Charlie’s video above, you create as many ‘bots’ as you like, based on different timeframes or on the markets you want to trade.

You can even use the ‘Discover Section’ to see what other traders have created.

This is a simply GREAT feature for those traders who want to see what other users are doing in order to help you develop your own ‘bots’!


So, how does it work?

  1. Firstly, you watch Charlie’s DST Trading Course so that you learn the overall strategy.
  2. Then, you can then use this for your own manual trading! Most of Charlie’s Trading Challenge profits come from this exact same DST Strategy!
  3. Next, when you’re ready, watch the videos on the AI software showing you exactly how to use it.
  4. Use the ‘Knowledge Base’, contained within the AI software, to show you how to connect an MT4 account to the AI and how to connect to Telegram to receive all your alerts and notifications.
  5. Now you will be ready to start creating, training and running ‘bots’ in either signal mode or fully auto-trade mode.
  6. Once you go live, it will fully auto trade into your account.
AI knowledge base

Our existing users are already up and running in the last couple of weeks, as you can see from the screenshot below…

Another super useful feature is that you can delve into these other users’ settings, if you wish to see what those others are doing, to achieve their results!


Initial results are great, with users being up to +15% already!

Once you have taken your time learning the strategy, and then creating and training your ‘bots’, you will be able to deploy them into paper mode, and then into live mode.


BUT it doesn’t end there!


This is a ‘portfolio system’ where you will have the ability to simultaneously be running ‘bots’ in live and paper mode.

Although you won’t need to be doing the trading, you will be monitoring your systems and interchanging ‘bots’!

AI dashboard

Your job will be to retraining your ‘bots’ periodically, so they are running with maximum efficiency.

Just like giving your car a regular service, you will want to be caring for your ‘bots’!


Yes! What an incredible way to approach the markets!

  1. Statistically based.
  2. Machine learning.
  3. You have full control
  4. Plus, you have a strategy to manually trade for the rest of your life!

You will have full supporting videos and articles plus have access to Charlie via our App where you’ll have a one-to-one link with him and can also ‘chat’ with other traders and AI users and Swing Members.

And, of course, you can email me at any time too – sam@ezeetrader.com

To summarise

You will have:

  • The full DST course, so you understand the strategy plus, you can use that for any manual trading you want to do…. forever.!
  • Your first month access to the AI is included. Thereafter it is £129 per month (RRP is £229 per month).
  • Free access is included also to our Swing App (normal price £75 per month)  Chat with Charlie and other traders here plus see additional video material Charlie produces and posts regularly for our swing traders)
  • Once you have the AI, there is no contract so you can pause it at any time
  • All this for a brilliant, discounted package price of just £597 and then £129 per month after your first month for free.


This deal is only here for just 24 hours!

And the normal retail price is £1026


Sign up now for just £597and join all our  trading members using the incredible

AI Auto Trading Software!

If you have any questions, just contact me.

I’m available here sam@ezeetrader.com


Kindest regards

Sam Brett


Frequently asked questions

Does AI auto trade my account and so do I need to leave my account open 24/7?

No, this is semi-automated. You receive the trade alert to your phone and then accept or reject it based on the back-test. You can turn your computer off anytime you like….YOU are in control.

Can I use a spread bet account?

Yes, subject to your spread betting account being available on MT4, alternatively if you just want to receive the trade alerts and then manually place the orders into your account you can do this.  Don’t worry, we help with hooking up any/all of your accounts.

Can I use my current broker?

Yes you can

What’s the minimum account size you would recommend?

An absolute minimum of £1500 in order to trade with the appropriate position sizing.

Can I just subscribe to the AI without having to purchase the DST course?

No; if we take flying a commercial airline as an example, you wouldn’t expect a Captain to have a 737 on autopilot, and not have a clue how the plane actually flew, would you? So, it’s so important that our Members still understand the full mechanics of what is driving this system too.

How easy is it to learn everything?

Very easy! Charlie walks you through the DST course, with brand new content only recorded last month. Plus, we have a full suite of training videos, learning resources and articles within the AI system showing you how to use it, all your answers are there. And still more:- you will come onto our *live* App and can communicate directly with Charlie and our Members too. You will have FULL support going forward.

Do I need to be an expert trader to have this?

Not at all. Anyone can operate this, all you need is a computer/laptop and a phone. The system is website based so no downloading of software is required either!