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The EzeeTrader News was first published in 2002 after the editors realised there was a great need for quality information on the stock markets that subscribers could utilise. Initially it was focused on stocks then on trading articles covering a whole host of subjects. A unique recent addition to the newsletters had been the inclusion of video clips to help enhance and fully explain the commentary.

For the first 10 years or so we had been selling the newsletter for a monthly subscription but over the last year we had been writing articles more on an ad-hoc basis. As much of our focus is actually trading and being available in our day trading room we have now decided to continue to write the articles but provide them for free.

You can read previous articles by selecting them from the menu on the right. If you hover your mouse over the title you can read a brief description of the content. The most recent articles will be listed below. To ensure you are notified when a new article is posted make sure you sign up for our updates and or join us facebook or twitter.

New articles

How long is a piece of string – Here Dale Peters takes a look at how long it will take to be a market master, Click here to open


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