Friday’s live trading – Charlie’s up $3200 so far….

Charlie trades Euro this morning but he is also a dim wit and after about 6 mins in he muted his microphone! Sound comes back later on after he realised his mistake! You will still see what he was doing!

Video Transcription

This is Charlie giving you Friday’s live trading, I hope you’re very well. I’m just watching the markets here this morning. Obviously it’s nonfarm payroll day and so as a result we could just see a lot of choppy trading this morning and not a lot going on. The Euro looks like it’s having a nice run down, but if we put it into perspective, on the hourly chart, it’s not really too much and not that clear right now. It could come lower.

We’ve got divergences here and we’ve got an 8am pivot that’s just come in above at 56 from 48, it’s hardly worth even trading but I guess I could give that a go… No I can’t, there’s not enough meat on the bone, even though we’ve got a little bit of a divergence to go from 50 to 56, and it’s just not worth it as far as the pips are concerned.

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