One trade taken today and a discussion on targets – Fridays live trading

Welcome to Friday’s live trading. It turned out to be a relative quiet day with the euro only moving 30 pips in range all day. During this morning I was discussing targets on a specific strategy that I have been working on for sometime and have recently completed some back testing analysis. I would be interested to here your views in the options discussed.

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A quick 64 pip trade today – Fridays live trading


Welcome to Fridays Live Trading this is Kym here today. So we had the aftermath of yesterdays ECB meeting to chew on and the rather soft pound. The later gave me the best opportunity, giving us a 64 pip move resulting in a 1.83 reward on the risk. I cut it short from there as things looked a little choppy as we moved into the close. I also demonstrated how I decided on the position size for the trading account I used.

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