EzeeTrader Day Trading Membership

A cost efficient way of trading with us. 

Trading is a business like any other. You have costs like charting packages or information in order to help you trade.

However, the barrier to entry for anyone getting into trading is low compared to most businesses.

At EzeeTrader we’ve always tried to keep our education material and subscriptions costs as low as we can.

We are now offering our Day Trading course in the format of a membership!

This means your outlay is less, giving you more money for your trading account!

Here is the deal;

  • You get our Day Trading Package with complete support from our on-line Trading room and mobile App.
  • You receive all of the material over the first three months including our Inflection Point Indicator*.
  • The full cost of this is normally c.£2000 over the year, but you can have the full package for just £150 per month.
  • This leaves you with cash in your pocket to trade with.
  • As a special bonus you get our ‘Make Me a Trader course’ thrown in!
  • The good news is that we reward loyalty and the monthly membership drops to just £75 after 12 months.

What exactly do you get?

  • Access to our on-line trading room
  • Over 7 hours of training videos
  • Our mobile App to keep you up to date when you are on the go
  • Our inflection point indicator
  • Full market analysis 
  • Trades demonstrated in real time
  • Unlimited support on our on-line trading room

The online trading room

Image from the EzeeTrader Trading Room

This is the key to learning to trade. There is no better thing to do than learn in real-time in live markets.

You can watch Charlie and Kym take their trades live and follow them if you wish. The important thing is that you will see the full analysis behind each trade and see the targets and stops and trade management.

The room is great community as well with people from all backgrounds and locations. Trading can be a lonely thing to do without live mentors, and for some can result in boredom trades which we will do our best to help you avoid.

There is no need to miss out with the EzeeTrader App. You can see what trades are being taken in the room and have updates on the progress throughout the day. This combined with the online room is what really separates EzeeTrader from their competitors.

How do I join?

Simply subscribe using the button below or click here and you will immediately receive a link to the membership site to watch the first month of the training videos. You will also be contacted and given access to both our trading room and Day Trading App. It is really as simple as that!

Remember that you will be charged £150 +VAT* per month for the first 12 months and £75 +VAT* there after. You can cancel your subscription at any time before the next payment is taken. 

So to get the first month of the Day Trading course, access to the day trading room and mobile App, plus get your free copy of our Make Me a Trader course subscribe now. 

For further information or if you just want to chat about membership please contact Sam@ezeetrader.com


*Plus VAT where applicable

The inflection point indicator is available for either eSignal or an MT4 account with any broker