EzeeTrader Day Trading

Learn to trade forex with professionals in our live trading room

Our easy-to-follow and highly effective methods of identifying trading opportunities in the forex markets are provided on video, with support and analysis provided in our live trading room

  • Immediate access to our on-line day trading room
  • Over 7 hours of training videos via secure download

  • Full market analysis

  • Trades demonstrated in real time

  • Unlimited support in our trading room

Now with the EzeeTrader Day Trading APP as part of the support package to keep you in touch when on the move

Is this for you?

Our day trading course and room is suitable for relatively new traders and more experienced traders alike. Our on-line trading room is open from 07:00 (GMT) onward each day trading the London/European session which encompasses the US morning session. Members can come and go as they please during that time from anywhere in the world! 



A comprehensive package with support.....

We provide over 7 hours of video content to download which you can watch on any PC or MAC.

As part of the initial bundle you get 6 months free access in our live on-line trading room. No matter where you are in the world, you simply access the room online and watch and listen to Kym and Charlie navigate through the trading day. After the initial 6 months the room costs £75 per month.

We provide the videos in a format that allows us to send additional content as and when necessary. This will be provided free for the first 12 months of your room membership.

Live room

Video Content

Within the videos you will learn…

  • Full explanation of the indicators we use and how we use them

  • Taking the hope out of trading

  • Access to years of statistics

  • An understanding of price behaviour

  • A mix of strategies that you can apply to the markets during their different phases

  • Trading rules

  • The importance of risk and trade management

  • Taking trades from 2% to 10% winners

The Trading Room

This is the key to learning to trade. There is no better thing to do than learn in real-time in live markets.

You can watch Charlie and Kym take their trades live and follow them if you wish. The important thing is that you will see the full analysis behind each trade and see the targets and stops and trade management.

The room is great community as well with people from all backgrounds and locations. Trading can be a lonely thing to do without live mentors, and for some can result in boredom trades which we will do our best to help you avoid.

Image from the EzeeTrader Trading Room

What our clients say

So what is the deal?

For all the video content download which totals over 7 hours of material and includes 6 months of free access to the trading room (£75 a month there after) it comes in at just £1297 plus VAT (where applicable).

For more information please feel free to contact Sam Brett on sam@ezeetrader.com or 0044(0)1252 265088