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  1. Darren Cornish-
    March 8, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    Everybody should own some Silver.
    I have owned silver in the Perth mint Since 2006. I bought in at $12.40 and stayed with it all the way up to its peak at around $49.00. Despite holding it all the way down to its present levels, i have never had any thoughts about selling it.
    Its so under valued now. I am going to make a statement twice so everyone takes note.
    YOU CAN BUY 1 OUNCE OF SILVER FOR LESS THAN £12.00. (excluding commission or fabrication costs)
    This is unbelievable given that it is a precious metal. Although sometimes quite volatile i look on it as a safe investment alongside a diverse holding of other assets.
    Gold only has to rise 50% from here to reach its 2011 high whilst Silver has a potential gain of 200% to reach its high of $49.00.
    Its been quite frustrating watching Silver build a base at these levels but i do feel confident that the downside is limited and the upside potential higher than many would believe possible.
    The Gold to Silver price ratio is at 80.1, a level rarely seen and a point where Silver has tended to perform well moving forward.
    As regards to how to invest, I am happy to mention a company by the name of Goldcore. I have taken advice and purchased precious metals through them for 12 years.

    Darren Cornish (Eggsit)

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