Live trader training day with Charlie & Kym –Sunday 12th July 2020!

Kym and Charlie were recently asked to present to a broker’s clients. They enjoyed it so much they decided to do something special for the EzeeTrader community.

Doing live presentations isn’t something they’ve done so much in recent years with the ability to teach online. However there’s always something missed when not in a room with people.

It’s that engagement you get that makes a real difference in the learning experience.

So, Charlie and Kym are going to teach a range of trading techniques on Sunday the 12th July using Zoom webinar software (This allows you to see us and if you want us to see you). The cost to you is just £77.

About the day

The day starts at 09:00 (British Summer Time) and will run through to 15:00-16:00 pm.

On this day you will learn two trading methods; one from Charlie and one from Kym. Charlie will also spend an hour on trader psychology.

  • 9.00 (BST) Training commences
  • Charlie teaches a trading method with a 67% success rate
  • Kym teaches his pin point Inflection point method
  • Charlie gives a trader psychology masterclass

You need to have your notebooks ready!

So, if you would like to spend the day learning from two professional traders, book your space now.

Places are strictly limited so confirm as soon as you can in the coming days or you could miss out on what’s going to be a brilliant day of training!

About the Charlie and Kym

Charlie Burton has been trading 22 years and is an FCA regulated fund manager. He also co-founded EzeeTrader in 2002 which trains people to become professional traders. Charlie is well known for trading live in front of audiences and is undefeated 5 years running at the London Forex Show live trade off. He also successfully completed a challenge to turn a $10,000 account into $100,000 and is currently doing another challenge to turn $50,000 into $500,000. He started his fund in March 2019 which is designed to give low volatility returns without taking big risks. Charlie has been featured in the media frequently but is most remembered for featuring in the BBC documentary, ‘Traders, millions by the minute’.

Kym Watson started buying stocks in the eighties when the government started privatising the likes of British Gas. This was the beginning of his interest in trading although it was a few years later when he caught the bug. He moved onto US stocks, Options and Futures but his real interest was in Forex which he mainly focuses on today. He has a analytical nature, thus he has spent years studying different indicators before focusing on those he now uses. He has a library of statistics, some of which he has made available to our day traders, which forms the base for his trading. With this and his analysis of news events, there are not too many things he does not have a stat on! If you want to know more you can catch him in the EzeeTrader Day Trading room.