Make me a Trader

Getting started in trading is relatively easy these days with no special equipment needed and hundreds of brokers with simple trading platforms. The important thing it to get a good grounding and keeping away from the get rich quick schemes that are usually too good to be true. A well educated retail trader stands a good chance of being profitable if they follow some rather simple rules and have patience. It is certainly not about winning every trade, it’s more about winning more money than you lose on a regular basis. This offer gives you a chance of learning with two of the most respected traders and educators in the UK.

It took a while.....

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Screenshot of BBC Two documentary 'Traders Millions by the Minute'

Around four years ago Charlie Burton was asked to take part in a two part documentary by the BBC. You may have seen him on it, it was called Traders; Millions By The Minute and was screened on BBC 2. The documentary followed a number of retail traders with varying levels of ability and gave a snapshot of their experience which varied from almost none to those that talked a good trade, right through to Charlie who is a seasoned trader with a proven track record. Following the documentary the phone rang off the hook and we received thousands of emails. The most common request we had was Make me a Trader! Whilst we could have probably spent every weekend doing courses, it does not fit with our lifestyle. There is also a major flaw in many of these weekend courses, in that most people that attend them come away and forget the content within a few days and the motivation drops off. The alternative may have been to give access to people with very little or no background knowledge to join us in our on-line trading room which we run five days a week. The problem with that is that they would be out of their depth and unlikely to grasp what was going on without understanding the fundamental principles. So we did nothing! Well that was until our PA suggested that she was getting fed up turning people away from what is the most ethical trading education company to only hear people coming back several months later having been freed of several pounds on a weekend course only to realise they have been taught ‘total tosh’ (her words were a bit more direct) and are unable to trade. So just last month Charlie and Kym finally recorded nearly 6 hours of content which is the foundation of our Make Me a Trader program.

So who are these guys?

Charlie Burton and Kym Watson have been trading for well over 20 years. They started Ezeetrader back in 2002 having been approached to white label a newsletter they produced. They realised that traders needed more support than just a weekend course and eventually opened a on-line trading room. Since that time they now offer the support of both day-trading and swing-trading on-line rooms and APP. They both demonstrate trading on a live basis, rather than on a theoretical basis. At the recent London Forex show they were voted as winners of the best Forex educators. At the show Charlie also defended his unbroken run of trading head to head trade-off’s for the fifth year running. Back in May 2016 Charlie also completed his first open challenge of taking a $10,000 account past $100,000 over a two year period. He is currently closing in on his first year of taking a $50,000 account to $500,000.

So what's the course cover?

The forex Market – The forex market is the biggest market to trade by far. We explain exactly what it is and how you can trade it. Risk – Nobody likes losing money, yet there is no guaranteed 100% strategy unless you are happy with the returns from your building society. Even that is actually flawed as inflation has been running higher than the standard interest rates for some years now. It is important to understand risk and the fact that it really does not matter if you have losing positions. The important thing to understand is that you just need to make more than you lose on a regular basis. The bottom line is all that counts. We never place a trade without knowing the risk first and the potential reward. The principles are covered in the videos. Market analysis – So how do we decide on whether to take a trade or not? Of course you could just listen to the person down the club, but that is really just his or her sentiment. There are a number of methods that can be used to help us make a decision which we cover on these videos including looking at charts and the fundamental strength of the market. Market information – Whilst we provide information on our weekly and daily videos, we also show you where you can find the information needed to trade. What should you record – The best way to improve your trading is to monitor what you are doing. You will learn so much if record the right information on your trades. We show you both a manual version and some cheap software which you could use to record your results. Placing the order – Once you know what you are wanting to trade, you need to know how to place the order. We actually show you how this is done using the most common brokers platform available and on one of our recommended brokers. There’s more – There are a number of other subjects we have covered including testing your strategy, what are the best times to be trading etc.

Have you got what it takes?

Trading is not for everybody. You have got to have some time, although once you know what you are doing this can be 5 minutes a day or less. Initially you will have to invest some time into learning about the markets and later you may want to spend some time testing your strategies. You have got to accept that you will have winners and losers, remember its all about managing your risk and ‘risk and reward’. You have to be able to follow some rules, the most successful traders adhere to our rules. You need some money, well around 30 quid for this course to start with and then some money in trade with. Finally if you go on and join our community you got to have fun. As with all aspects of your life the ones that you enjoy the most, you will excel at the most.

What does it cost?

We normally sell the course for £299 plus VAT. However for clients of Leading Trader we are offering it at Just £97.00 plus VAT. Remember this contains 6 hours of video which you can watch at your leisure.

What do our members say?

We have never done an absolute beginners course before so here is a testimonial from one of our recent members of our Day Trading room…

I just thought I would give you a little feedback regarding the Day Trading course. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.  I have enjoyed the first week so much, even though I was a little overwhelmed the first 2 days in the trading room. I came to Ezeetrader as a last resort really. I had already decided that I would finally give trading up by the end of May, after 10 years of trying if I continued to slowly shrink my account. Although it has not all been bad over the last 10 years ( 2 winning years, 70% and 48% ) I still lost money overall. I really needed to get my life back and put trading behind me. I must say that this week has ignited the fire in me for trading again. The analysis  alone from Kym and Charlie has allowed me to see the market in a completely different way. Setting targets/stops, position sizing, humour, seriousness and everything in between has just been what I have needed for such a long time.  I am now only risking 0,25% on each trade as apposed to 2-3%. This alone allows me to switch off from my trades and let them run there course. I closed my week out with around a 4% gain. Ok, this week has been on demo so maybe it doesn’t count but it has showed me the potential of what is possible. It makes me a little emotional writing this email knowing what my wife has put up with over the last decade although she has continued to support me without wavering one bit. As well as the thought of how much money I have actually lost over the years, the stress, the sleepless nights and watching the 1 minute chart at 3 in the morning as another trade goes against me. I feel that I have finally found a community and an education provider that actually offer something tangible. Something that I can really use to become a better trader.  I look forward to the coming weeks and months in the trading room and ” (well, we shall see)” maybe even a profitable future. Many many Thanks NS

What happens when I have received and watched the course?

Once you have watched the course and grasped the context then it is simply a case on deciding which route is best for you. You can just hang out on your own and refine your own strategies and trade away. If you want to continue with us you then have some options open to you. If you are in full time employment it is suggested you opt to progress with our Swing Trading package. If you have time and are able to trade through the day then you might opt to join our Day Trading room. These both come with a full set of videos covering the strategies we use based on the principles you have learnt in the Make me a Trader course. Of course if you just want alerts then you may just opt for our swing trading APP. There are plenty of options, we are happy to talk to you when you are ready to progress. Plus we will give you a £200 voucher code towards membership off either our day trading course or MBT Swing trading course should you wish to take your trading further. The important thing is, we believe in post course support, that’s why we have our live day trading room and Swing trading room and APP. Our approach follows the wise words of Benjamin Franklin – “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

So what are you waiting for?

This is a great deal for 6 hours of excellent content. If you are really interested in learning how to trade the Forex markets with the 2018 London Forex show – Best Forex Educators , then buy the course today. We will offer support as soon as you receive the course so you never feel alone.