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Getting started in trading is relatively easy these days with no special equipment needed and brokers targeting the retail market in their hundreds with simple trading platforms. The important thing it to get a good grounding and keeping away from the get rich quick schemes that are as they may sound, too good to be true.

A well educated retail trader stands a good chance of being profitable if they follow some rather simple rules and have patience. It is certainly not about winning every trade, it’s more about winning more than you lose on a regular basis.

Charlie and Kym gave a lot of thought as to how to help people become traders. And more importantly, help them understand what they need to know to become a profitable trader. They considered what they really needed to know, even to the point of how to place a trade and designed a course. This course containing the information you need to become a well educated trader is now available on video.

What do you get?

  • Nearly 6 hours of training videos secure downloads
  • A £200 discount off either of our Day trading or Swing Trading courses
  • An invitation to join us for 2 days in our live trading room
  • A discount on our swing trading APP for your first month

Is this for you?

If you are new to trading or have been trading only a few months then this is for you. The course assumes you know nothing and is predominately focused on trading the forex markets although the principles can be applied to other markets.

So what does the course cover?

The forex Market – The forex market is the biggest market to trade by far. We explain exactly what it is and how you can trade it.

Risk – Nobody likes losing money, yet there is no guaranteed 100% strategy unless you are happy with the returns from your building society. Even that is actually flawed as inflation has been running higher than the standard interest rates for some years now.

It is important to understand risk and the fact that it really does not matter if you have losing positions. The important thing to understand is that you just need to make more than you lose on a regular basis. The bottom line is all that counts. We never place a trade without knowing the risk first and the potential reward. The principles are covered in the videos.

Market analysis – So how do we decide on whether to take a trade or not? Of course you could just listen to the person down the club, but that is really just his or her sentiment. There are a number of methods that can be used to help us make a decision which we cover on these videos including looking at charts and the fundamental strength of the market.

Market information – Whilst we provide information on our weekly and daily videos, we also show you where you can find the information needed to trade.

What should you record – The best way to improve your trading is to monitor what you are doing. You will learn so much if record the right information on your trades. We show you both a manual version and some cheap software which you could use to record your results.

Placing the order – Once you know what you are wanting to trade, you need to know how to place the order. We actually show you how this is done using the most common brokers platform available and on one of our recommended brokers.

There’s more – There are a number of other subjects we have covered including testing your strategy, what are the best times to be trading etc.

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So what's the deal

You can purchase the Make me a Trader course for just £297.00 plus Postage and VAT. Remember that we will give you a £200 discount off either our Day trading or Swing Trading courses. 

For more information please feel free to contact Sam Brett on sam@ezeetrader.com or 0044(0)1252 265088

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