MBT Swing Trading

Learn to swing trade the markets with optional on-going support

Charlie put together his swing trading ideas that were used on his $10K to $100K challenge account to compliment the day trading positions. We now offer these videos on a USB stick together with an optional support package.

Charlie introduces the MBT Swing Trader

  • Video recordings available by secure download
  • Access to the previous webinar and next weekly webinar
  • The option to purchase a six month support package to the swing trading room.
  • App discounts available for Swing Room subscriber

Is this for you?

This may not be for absolute beginners although if you have watched our introduction to trading course you should be okay. If you are looking for some strategies and a methodology to swing trade to supplement your intra-day trading or just simply want to swing trade, then this may be for you.

It does not require hours of sitting in front of charts or any special indicators. You can set orders for entry, exits and stops and pretty much leave it alone.

The key advantages

1. You shouldn’t worry about losing trades – if you are, you’re likely doing it wrong.
2. You will be able to identify very high reward to risk opportunities. Charlie is currently in a 17:1 trade right now!
3. This is a methodology, not a singular strategy. Charlie develops YOUR skills as a trader.
4. You don’t need Rafa Nadal’s tennis racket!
5. This is swing trading so perfect for traders who hold down a full time job as well as full time traders.

Whats covered in the course?

1. The key questions you need answered to ensure you will trade consistently profitably.
2. Charlie’s principles of successful trading.
3. The number one most important part of trading.
4. His setups and methodology – this is where you see him bring it all together.
5. The trick of getting those huge reward to risk trades that can not only make your month, but your quarter!
6. The risk controls which mean you don’t have to have stop losses of hundreds of pips. In the current market, most trades have stops of under 50 pips.
7. The MBT can be applied to any market, not just Forex.
8. Trades can be setup using orders so you don’t need to be in front of your screen to execute.
9. The bonus strategy for the S&P in the appendix. It’s simple and its good!

All you need are your own charts (there are no special indicators that require expensive charting software) and your time.

Charlie will guide you through how you will trade when using his methodology. The beauty is that YOU will choose when you want to trade, not having to worry about missing a setup.

You don’t need to be trading frequently if you don’t want to. The high reward to risk trades that come along will take care of that! But if you do want to trade frequently, that’s absolutely fine too.

Charlie’s going to show you his complete method for how he swing trades on the challenge account that’s up over 400%.

You’ll have a much deeper appreciation of market structure as a result of this and be able to properly place them into the correct context. Then you let the market come to you and execute.

What do our clients say about it?

So what's the deal?

The official price was £1399 which is great value for such a piece of work. We have recently reduced this to £997.00 plus VAT (where applicable) which is even better value.

We would recommend that you opt for the support package which includes weekly webinars (recorded if you can not attend). This is where Charlie runs through what he is considering for the week ahead, plus providing details of any current and recent trades. This is key to building your understanding of the strategies and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions. The cost of this package is just £200 for 6 months. Just add it to your order when you click the ‘Add to cart’ button to be sent the password for the membership of the MBT Swing Trading room and receive details of the past webinars.

If you would like to spread the cost of the course we can now offer this service for clients based in the UK only. Click on the button below if you are interested.

For more information please feel free to contact Sam Brett on sam@ezeetrader.com or 0044(0)1252 265088 

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