BBC Traders: Millions by the Minute

As part of the BBC’s two part series, Charlie was followed  nearly everywhere by a camera team in the second of the two.

Introducing the new breed of trader – the British men and women who play the financial markets from their kitchens, sofas and bedrooms. Thanks to online trading technology, anyone with an internet connection and some cash to spare can attempt to reap the rich rewards that can come from trading. This documentary charts the real-time trading ups and downs, dreams and disappointments of a handful of Britain’s ‘retail traders’. Click on image to watch

 The follow up

In this video Kym Watson asks Charlie Burton the questions we are continually asked by those people who had watched the BBC2 programme

Charlie interviews Rene Muccio

Charlie did the exclusive interview with fellow trader from the 2nd episode. Rene was an Antiques dealer who decided to give trading a go. This two part interview follows up on his progress following the program.