EzeeTrader Membership – A cost efficient way of trading with us…

Trading is a business like any other. You have costs like charting packages or information in order to help you trade.

However, the barrier to entry for anyone getting into trading is low compared to most businesses.

At EzeeTrader we’ve always tried to keep our education material and subscriptions as low as we can.

However, for the first time we can now offer our courses as a monthly membership!

This means your outlay is less, giving you more money for your trading account!

Here’s the deal;

  • You choose membership to either Day trading or DST swing trading below.

  • The full cost is normally c.£2000 but you can have either package for £150 per month.

  • This leaves you with cash in your back pocket to trade with.

  • Bonus material – Make me a Trader course for beginners thrown in!

  • You receive ALL the material in the first 2 months.

  • The monthly cost drops after 12 months.

For further information or if you just want to chat about membership please contact Sam@ezeetrader.com

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*Plus VAT where applicable

The inflection point indicator is available for either eSignal or an MT4 account with any broker