Save £300 off our Swing Trading course.

Plus get invited to joining us on two free follow up webinars where Charlie will go through the current set ups.

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MBT Trading Room

You will be contacted with an invitation to join Charlie on two follow up webinars

Physical course

All customers will receive the course on a USB stick.

Course Delivery

The USB stick will be sent by Royal Mail ‘signed for’ service

What does it cover?

More than just a strategy – MBT swing offers you option to learn some of the methods that Charlie adopts in his different challenges and of course his main account.

What’s covered?

1. The key questions you need answered to ensure you will trade consistently profitably.
2. Charlie’s principles of successful trading.
3. The number one most important part of trading.
4. His setups and methodology – this is where you see him bring it all together.
5. The trick of getting those huge reward to risk trades that can not only make your month, but your quarter!
6. The risk controls which mean you don’t have to have stop losses of hundreds of pips. In the current market, most trades have stops of under 50 pips.
7. The MBT can be applied to any market, not just Forex.
8. Trades can be setup using orders so you don’t need to be in front of your screen to execute.
9. The bonus strategy for the S&P in the appendix. It’s simple and its good!

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Join Charlie on two follow up webinars

Charlie offers a support package as an add-on to the MBT swing trading course should you wish to add this option. Either way you will be invited to two of these webinars on purchasing the course.

Our MBT Swing Trading course normally retails at £997.00 plus VAT and P&P. This offer is only open to members of the RTCT