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The Game Changer!

Now and then, something comes along that challenges the commonly accepted status quo…

There are numerous examples of this globally. The internet was most certainly a game changer and of course the evolution of the electric car, pioneered by Elon Musk being just two of the big ones…

Going back through history we can identify many instances where a disruptor has entered the arena and changed the way things were previously done.


Even on a micro level, our beloved EzeeTrader has had its own game changing stages.

The first was when technology allowed us to have a live online trading room back in 2006.

Another was the advent of Charlie’s DST swing trading course which has become our most popular ever strategy.

And latterly our very own branded App, which allows us to trade and communicate with our members wherever they are!


Now we’re evolving again with the benefit of Artificial Intelligence software to power DST to a new level.


Firstly, let’s talk about the DST strategy.


When Charlie introduced it several years ago, it quickly became very popular.

Initially people were attracted to it because of;

  • Ease of use.
  • Rules based.
  • Can be adapted around your lifestyle.

Just look at some of the feedback we’ve had…

“Dear Sam, I’m writing to you today to share my experience with DST, both previous and upgraded versions. Please note that a big portion of my trading, roughly 80%, is based on DST. 

This course has lifted my trading to a higher level that I didn’t think was possible. It gives traders the ability to expand the knowledge and apply it on different setups and patterns, thus being comfortable when taking trades. 

For me, personally, I use DST for getting into trades, exiting trades that I’m already in and finally it gives me heads up if I want to hedge. 

As I said earlier, I trust DST so much that I have been applying it in my day trading too, starting from 5min charts and higher.

I can share with you that I’m now up 80% in less than one year and a higher percentage of this performance is due to applying DST.”

Mohammed B

Hi Sam, I love DST, it’s so simple and a great addition to the MBT methodology. So far I’ve had a great run on my DST trades. 



Hi Sam, just want to say after using DST for 1 month now I can honestly say it has been great so far!! I’ve won 9 of 17 trades so about 50% win rate and I’ve made net 262 pips. This has increased my account size by 50% so really pleased. Obviously I am over leveraging to get this kind of % increase but it is a small account and I am just getting used to DST.

The fact that I’m just learning DST and have therefore made some bad DST trades, yet still made 262 pips is pretty impressive and shows what a great product it is!

K Wilson

There’s plenty more feedback like this….

DST has allowed traders to take a ‘rules’ based method and trade with confidence.


But now the next disruptor has come along – AI Trader…


The story begins with a chance introduction Charlie had with the creator of the software back in 2019.

After delivering a bespoke presentation to a small group of high net worth and hedge fund traders, Charlie was approached by the developer who himself had been trading 15 years.

He stated that he may have something of great interest.

The developer had created an AI based software with his team for trading on his fund. It would take a strategy and test its robustness.

They agreed to pursue a test to see if there was any synergy in taking Charlie’s trading expertise and capturing that into an artificial learning algorithm.

They decided to take one of Charlie’s strategies (DST) and plug it into the software to see if it could work.


Not only did it work, the results were astounding!


Charlie could test countless variations of DST to check robustness of both the strategy and the system.

Using its back testing engine, Charlie could perform tests that would previously have taken him weeks to perform in less than 30 seconds!

This alone was a game changer but it just gets better…

Once the back test is created, you can then connect the AI to a messaging App which would then give live trade alerts straight into your phone and desktop.

Below is a typical example…

Then as a final brilliant flourish, you can have an MT4 trading account plugged into the system so that when a new trade opportunity is identified, you receive a message, simply approve it and the trade will then be executed into your account.


Here’s a short video Charlie has recorded demonstrating some of the system’s ability…

So here’s the system…

The AI Trader has taken a proven strategy, made it even better plus makes your life easier.

The system does the heavy lifting (no more manual back tests or scanning for trades).

All you have to do is look at the signals as they come in and accept the ones you want, it’s that simple!

The benefits to you are:


  1. It’s statistically based.
  2. Powerful machine learning.
  3. You still have full control.

To summarise:

You have the core DST strategy which by itself is a brilliant way to trade the markets on any timeframe.

Then, with the knowledge of the core DST strategy, you can also have access the AI Trader software.

As you can see, the system is extremely impressive, so what do you need to do?


  • If you already have DST, all you need to do is subscribe to the AI Trader software. There’s no contract plus, if you sign up during our introductory offer, we will lock you in to our discounted rate.


  • The RRP is £229 per month but we are discounting it to £129 per month. This will give you your very own user licence and Full Access to the system. We will give you a discount code for this.


  • This offer will be open for 4 weeks and then the price will revert to full RRP.


  • If you don’t currently have DST, this strategy normally retails for £797 but I will discount that price by £200 bringing it down to £597.


  • I’ll also include the first month’s subscription to the AI into that offer – all for £597! You can then continue your subscription from then onwards at the discounted price.


This is our most successful strategy which has NOW moved to another level.


It’s our very own Disruptor, OUR GAME CHANGER…..


  1. Making trading easier
  2. Improving confidence
  3. Allowing technology to help you


And it just keeps getting better….

We are developing another feature into the software that will allow you to autocopy other traders. That should be ready in the next month…

Lock in our introductory offer taking the full monthly premium from £229pm down to £129pm for your licence.


Special Bonus – you will be given access to our EzeeTrader App free (normal RRP is £75pm). You get to chat on the App with Charlie and other traders. This will remain part of your subscription so you will be receiving both the system AND our App for the one price…


Grab DST now and you will receive the full DST trader video course.

This includes the first month’s subscription to the AI Trader software and you’ll continue to have it at the introductory offer price which also includes our Swing Trading App too….

As always, if you have any questions just email sam@ezeetrader.com

To get the DST course, click here or on the button below for the special price of £297 which includes the first month’s subscription to the software and our App included free……Offer ends 27th November…..

Again, if you have any questions, I’m available here sam@ezeetrader.com

Kindest regards,

Sam Brett