How would you have liked to have added an extra 60% to your account?* 

That is the net return that Kym’s Intraday AB3 strategy would have made you on just two currency pairs on just one time frame last year. As part of his live testing, Kym has used the strategy on just one currency pair on a live trading account to prove its effectiveness and tradability since the 15th January.  Even with a couple of mistakes and missed trades, by the end of March the account was up 11.6%.

It gets better, if he had traded the two currency pairs from the beginning of the year he would have been up around 18%. Note this is based on risking 1% per trade and only taking a 1% reward.

If we were to tell you that you could have an intraday strategy that;-

  • Needs no special indicators
  • No need to sit watching charts, so you can get on with the day job
  • Has simple rules with no trader discretion needed

Does this sound interesting?

The simplest patterns are the most robust

The great thing about this strategy is its simplicity. As mentioned it does not need any special indicators or charting package. You can trade it off any brokers free charts manually. In fact even an MT4 account would be perfect for it, but more about that in a moment.

What professional traders look for is an edge

One thing many ‘would-be’ traders do not understand is that all you need to succeed is an edge. An edge is an element that just slews the chances of something happening. There are many such edge’s in the markets, it is just a case of spotting them and more importantly working out how to trade them. This is just what Kym has done here and what he explains in detail in his videos.

Whilst many would use additional strategies alongside this, if you wanted, you could trade it purely on its own. How many traders actually make more than 60% a year? Of course there are no guarantees that it could go on to do the same this year on the two pairs. But Kym is not finished with his analysis, he is currently testing a number of other currency pairs which are looking good.

The exciting thing about this, is that it can also be traded on different time frames. Again Kym is testing these and will provide the details of this analysis to those people that purchase the strategy and auto-trader. At present he is using purely the 60 minute time frame.

It actually gets better,

  • Kym has had it programmed to trade automatically on any MT4 account. – Or you can just have signals sent to your phone
  • We always believe in providing support thus you will have access to a dedicated APP room that will give you direct access to Kym should you have any questions.
  • Kym has also offered to provide additional support with monthly webinars where you will be updated on the current optimum target levels

Can you adjust it?

The important thing with any strategy is that you should fully understand what you are trading and how to trade it. Therefore Kym has recorded step by step instructions of how to identify the signal, together with full rules of when to take trades. It is not recommended that you adjust this aspect as otherwise you are making it a different strategy.

However. whilst the signal and stop is fixed, there are a number of options when it comes to the targets. Kym has calculated the optimum, but subject to your attitude to risk you can adjust the targets. The red line in the chart below represents the 1% risk and 1% reward option on a cumulative basis for 2020.

The blue line represents 1.5% reward. If you are happy with fewer winning trades, there is the option to push for more reward. A word of caution though, there is a sweet spot, less can be more!

The alerts and auto-trader are partially adjustable to allow traders to easily adjust risk ratios and targets and timeframes. Plus from Kym’s testing of the auto-trader across a number of platforms he has specified addition input variables to allow for certain brokers crazy spreads!

What is the risk like?

Kym has been trading it using 1% risk on each trade. As you can see from the chart above it does have periods of drawdown. The table below shows the data based on 1 risk to 1 reward ratio. The drawdown does increase depending on targets with a 1 risk to 2 reward ratio giving a -11.4% drawdown in 2020.

performance drawdown

What’s included in the videos?

You will have access to step by step videos showing you;-

All you need to know to trade the strategy and set up the auto-trader in short easy to follow short videos.

How does the auto-trader work?

Once installed it will then run automatically so long as you have your account open on a computer connected to the web. The position size, stops and targets are all automatically calculated, placed and adjusted! There is a remote APP version of MT4 that you can use to check your positions are running okay if you are away from your desk. The screen shot below shows an example of what you will see. 

So what is the deal?

You can purchase the strategy together with the first years licence for the indicator and auto-trader for just £797 plus VAT. (Note the licence can thereafter be renewed annually for £297.)

For that you will get

  • The step by step video course
  • Access to the mobile support APP directly to Kym
  • The MT4 Indicator
  • The MT4 auto-trader
  • Access to 12 monthly review webinars


You can have the video content for free by joining our Day trading room with one year’s licence for just £1237 plus VAT (Note normal price of the room and licence is £1537 plus vat).

For that you get all of the above plus :-

  • Immediate access to our online day trading room
    • This is open from 07:45 to 16:00 daily
    • Watch Charlie and Kym trading live
  • Over 7 hours of additional videos which includes
    • Full explanation of the indicators we use
    • Access to years of statistics
    • An understanding of price behaviour
    • A mix of strategies that you can apply to the markets during their different phases
    • Trading rules
    • The importance of risk and trade management

If you already have the Day Trading course, just drop Sam an email.

As always, if you have any questions just email sam@ezeetrader.com

* This is based on the results from last year. Past results are no guarantee of future results, all trading carries risk.