The Inflection Point

Learn to day trade using a technique that identifies potential retracements in both trending and ranging markets using statistical analysis 

Kym has spent years studying different indicators and analysing their effectiveness when trading. There are quite a few indicators that are used to try and identify overbought or oversold levels in the markets, but they were never meant to do this. Kym looked at a method that could identify levels from a statistical basis and adjusted this to highlight the most significant signals. If you have studied price action you will notice that it often regresses to its mean. This indicator and trading method will help you identify high probability set ups and how to trade them.

What do you get?

  • A complete course to download
  • One license for use on an MT4 or eSignal account
  • Access to update videos/webinars
  • Membership of our pivot trader site giving years of statistics
  • Access to a forex order book

Is this for you?

The indicator is very easy to install and use. Kym has added far more content in this update giving traders a better understanding of the markets and helping them to apply the signals.

It works across a number of time frames although Kym’s preference is on the 30 or 60 minute time frame thus it is really a day traders tool. It can be used on the 240 minute and daily timeframe although there are far fewer signals as you go up the time frames. 

So what does it do?

In simple terms it identifies reversion points. In slightly more technical terms, the markets generally move in an oscillating trend or waves within a trend. The forex markets in particular sees many of these waves on an intraday basis driven by various factors.

The 60 minute chart to the left shows the euro between the 6th July to the 20th July. You can clearly see the oscillations on the chart plus I have highlighted with arrows where the Inflection Point Indicator identified potential turning points within the market.

The indicator can be used on all time frames to identify short term or more long term potential turning points in the market. From our experience we have found the  30 and 60 minute time frames the most profitable from a signal perspective, although the 5 minute signals both provide good entry signals but just as importantly exit signals.

What comes with the indicator?

  • The indicator for either an MT4 or eSignal platform

  • Full installation instructions

  • Full details of how Kym uses it on video

    This includes specific details of when and when not to trade or to wait, entry (trigger) criteria and targets.

  • Invitation to three further user webinars*

    *Recordings will be made if you are unable to attend these

  • Membership of the pivot trader site providing years of stats

  • Access to a majors brokers order book

  • Instructions of how to read price action

  • Which news events to avoid and trade

  • For a limited time 1 hour of one to one skype time with Kym

    This gives you the chance to write down all your questions as you go through the videos and ask Kym them. This time can be used as you wish. 

  • £400 off our day trading room *

    * Note you will be able to ask Kym as many questions as you like regarding the set-ups if you were to join our day trading community. This offer cannot be applied combined with other offers we may make from time to time.

So what's the deal?

For the indicator and videos along with all that is listed above you can purchase it for just £497 plus postage and VAT.

If you are a current member of our day trading room you can purchase this for just £150, speak to Sam for the discount code.

If you would like to spread the cost of the course we can now offer this service for clients based in the UK only. Click on the button below if you are interested.