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Introducing our new educational site and CD’s specifically focused on trading pivots using statistical analysis.

Following on from Kym’s recent presentations on ‘Taking probability to another level’, we are pleased to say that the full analysis and strategies are now available.

Why Statistics?

So why are we bothered with statistics when we know that for most traders, the psychology is far more important? Well, with many people they want certainty. In fact when working on this project Kym was asked whether the results would be guaranteed! This is similar to going to a horse race and telling the bookie that you want a guaranteed winner. He will give you the form book and tell you to choose your own!

What is important here is learning the methods and knowing that if I apply those with the statistics we can see, then I can feel more relaxed knowing that more trades may win than lose. And the winners should make more money than the losses.  The probability shows us that the targets are achievable. So providing we follow the rules and wait patiently for the results then the only thing we have got to work on is walking away and leaving it alone. The statistics tell me I am going to have both winners and losers, but more of the former.

Why pivots?

For anyone who follows the daily updates on our blog or have joined us in our trading room they will realise that we use floor pivots in many of our day trading strategies, if not always for entries but certainly as targets. The great thing about floor pivots is that they are objective and do not move throughout the session like for example moving averages that move as price has passed them. This means that it is possible to measure the things very accurately, price has either hit a level or it has not.

The analysis

Having spent years manually testing pivots it was great to come across a great programmer who could reduce the time taken to analysis a particular market. Nothing has been left to chance though, with manual results being used to check the results of the programmed analysis before we progressed with each stage. The great thing is that once done we can then apply the programme to more markets. At present we have analysed all of the major forex pairs plus added gold, the S&P 500 e-minis and Oil. This is just a starting point with other markets coming on stream subject to demand of our members.

One of the benefits of doing much of the primary analysis manually, is that you discover particular characteristics of what is happing with price at the time. This together with some other observations made, led to further analysis which has already paid for itself a few times over. An example may be where you normally have a pretty high probability of something being hit, however if a particular event occurs first the probability halves.

What does a member get?

Of course we could just provide the statistical analysis but that does not bring into account the actual knowledge as to how to apply it. Kym has therefore shared nearly three hours of content on CD. This includes;  the basics surrounding pivots, key factors that should be taken into account when trading them, precision, planning the trade, applying the order book, reading the trend, a review of what the stats mean and of course strategies and time specific rules for the various periods.

Of course we could have left it there, but as with a lot of what we do these days, we want to ensure our members are not left on their own to make do. Therefore Kym will be doing webinars, the first of which is planned for the 27th April. In addition to this, for those that want quicker answers and wish to share their observations we have added a forum in the members area.

The statistics are constantly updated and you can compare the current year verses either the previous year or a rolling 12 months. We will highlight significant changes in these stats as we progress on the site forum.

So what does it cost?

For 6 months access to the members site which includes all of the stats, the members forum (where members can post questions and read updates), regular webinars and of course the CD’s the price is just £597.00. For the first 20 members we will extend the membership to include 9 months access to the site.

To order your CD’s and get immediate access to the members area (well within 2 minutes!)and book your seat for the first webinar on Wednesday 27th April, click here and place your order.

All of this comes for £597 plus VAT and packaging.