The Trader Mindset

He was down 60% in open positions and no matter what I said, he couldn’t bring himself to close the trade. It was too late….

The above statement is from a real story that happened a few years ago in our trading room. A new member had got himself into trouble with his own trades by not using a stop loss.

He had added to the losing position, hoping that it would come back for him, but it didn’t.

By the time he confessed to what he’d done, he was down 60% and there’s not much that I, or anyone can do to help someone that’s got into that situation.

However, I can help stop that situation ever happening to you…

You see, the above story is just one example of the many things traders do which will impact their performance.

That one was obvious but there are also lots of subtle things traders that don’t even realize they are doing that halts their ability to be the trader they want to become.

We are all aware of the usual culprits;

        • Banking profits too soon
        • Hesitating and missing trade opportunities as a result
        • Removing or not using stops in order to avoid crystallizing a loss
        • Over trading
        • Under trading

And countless more….

In my 22 years of trading, there is one common factor that all traders need to develop – The Trader Mind…

I’ve yet to see an individual be truly successful without developing this part of their trading.

Sure, anyone can have a good run, but ultimately it fails because the trader has spent too much time chasing the Holy Grail and not developing themselves.

Yes back testing helps and yes, having a rules based strategy helps but I still meet countless traders that will still under-perform from where they should be despite doing these things.

Unless you develop the Trader Mindset, you will still make these subtle mistakes and yet we all know that it’s the mindset that’s the missing piece of the jigsaw for the majority of people.

For these reasons, I have put all my efforts into producing a truly unique Trader Mindset video course.

For those of you that know me, it’s mindset that I spend more time talking about than anything else in trading and for very good reason! It’s the most important part!

This 4 ½ hour course is designed to;

        • Increase trader profitability by using specific methods for improving trade decisions
        • Show why even using full automation won’t help you if you don’t have the mindset
        • Give the problems and solutions to each type of trader mistake
        • Demonstrates real examples of the mistakes people have made and how I showed them to recover and never go back there
        • Shows that even traders with over 10 years experience can still not have this mindset
        • Offers specific advice and actions to be taken
        • Explain why ‘time’ is an ally you need on your side

What I’ve done is to pour 22 years of trading experience into specific actionable advice that’s not shown in even the most popular trader psychology books.

This is advice from someone that lives and breathes trading, not an author of books!

The course is designed so that you will feel as if you have me sat with you each time you make a trading decision and ensuring you’re doing the right thing.

So who is this for?

        • Novices and experienced traders alike
        • People who understand that technical skills are only part of the equation of trading success
        • Traders who want to really understand why their brain affects their ability to trade
        • People that want to be able to have a specific plan of dealing with their mindset
        • Traders who are sick of making the same repeated mistakes over and over again

The course will give you all of my experience from a genuine trader perspective and not what the theory books tell you.

It will be just like having me sat next to you, privately coaching you on your decision making and helping you to do the things all traders want, like;

          • Holding on to winning traders for longer
          • Not panicking when a market retraces
          • Not missing out through fear
          • Not allowing yourself to be greedy
          • To stop living in hope on each trade
          • To deal with increased position size
          • To avoid self sabotage

Plus so much more!

Added to this course, I knew that a great compliment to all the work I will be doing with you would be to draft in an expert psychotherapist on the human mind…

You see, I will get you where you need to be from a trading perspective but just like a car having a service, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have some one-to-one sessions via video calling with a 20 year veteran behavioral therapist?

He is one of the top BWRT therapists in the UK and has already had great results with a number of traders.

He has recorded some specific audio files at the end of my course that explain to you why the brain works the way it does.

By understanding why certain parts such as the amygdala within the temporal lobe of the brain work the way they do, this will help you improve not only your trading, but you will be able to use it with other parts of your life too.

He also does some specific visualization exercises with you PLUS, you will have TWO individual sessions with him, to be taken at your convenience.

So, let’s get to the point…

This course is fully downloadable, so once you have ordered it the link is delivered within one working day.

Like all our courses, this is priced at much less than the true value and I have priced it at just £497.

You can even pay a deposit and then the balance at 0% finance if you like (UK residents only) Click here for more info

Current members of ours will receive an extra 10% discount, just email sam@ezeetrader.com for that.

So, order your course today for just £497.

You will also receive the video of webinar that I held in February.

This is your chance to tap into my 22 years trading experience where I’ve pretty much done every trick in the book of trading.

Most importantly, I spent years developing my trader mind which has allowed me to be filmed live trading by the BBC without fear, won 5 live trading competitions, completed trading challenges, traded my personal accounts up to seven figures and have now become a fund manager.

Don’t suffer any more regrets…..Here’s your chance to get that mindset now..