The Weekender - Two Day Course

Charlie and Kym are not frightened of putting their necks on the line when it comes to trading.

Charlie turned a $10,000 account into $100,000 and is currently doing a £50,000 to £500,000 challenge and Kym is currently doing a £2000 challenge.

More importantly for our members though, is that they are both calling their trades whether in our day trading or swing trading rooms on a daily basis.

They have previously steered clear of doing anything but live courses which can only be done during the weekdays, but for the first time in many years they are finally doing a weekend course.

If you want to learn the techniques they use for both swing and day trading, this is a must for you…..

And if you want to learn from two of the most respected traders in their industry, this is your chance. Just look at some of the press and media we have been featured in….

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So is this for you?

The course is a full immersion 2 days on Saturday and Sunday the 10th & 11th March. It will be undertaken at a hotel close to Heathrow Airport.
It applies to all traders, whether you are new or experienced, everyone will learn from it.

New traders will learn our technical trading methods and experienced clients will learn material that is brand new for this very course…

Here are some of the subjects covered on the course but this doesn't include everything....

  • Intraday technical and sentiment analysis
  • Swing trading technical and sentiment analysis
  • How to use professional hedging techniques to protect your trades
  • Bespoke indicator explanation plus giveaway
  • Order techniques for multiple entry points
  • Trading without even needing a technical chart pattern

What does this all mean?

Many existing traders know patterns and strategies but what Charlie and Kym have put together help create a more rounded trader.

For example, adding some powerful sentiment tools to combine with your technical analysis will astound you when both Charlie and Kym reveal how to use them.

Combining techniques like this add greater certainty to your trading which also means bigger profits on the winning trades.

Another example of a subject being taught will be hedging. Charlie uses this frequently in his trading and will be doing an entire half day session on his techniques and how you can apply them to what you do.

Kym will be showing you the methods that the large banks use to trade, detailing a relatively simple two step process.

As you can see this is going to be a very comprehensive 2 days of trader education that hasn’t been delivered previously.

These are the techniques Charlie and Kym use in their personal trading, some of which are brand new to ALL our clients.

This is your chance to take your trading to a higher, more professional level than previously thought.

So what does it cost?

The total cost of the course which includes VAT and lunch and refreshments on both days is £797.00.

We are expecting huge demand with this so secure your seat now. 

A special bonus

I asked the guys if each of them would take on one attendee each to mentor for a whole year! This now costs £10,000 but we will raffle 2 names out of a hat on the day!

The cost of the course includes all refreshments over both days. If you would like to stay at the hotel near Heathrow on the Saturday night, rooms may be limited so please ensure you book ASAP!

As always, if you have any questions on any aspect of this incredible course, just email me sam@ezeetrader.com


Kind regards

Sam Brett

P.S Below are some lovely testimonials we’ve received from existing customers;

“Hi Sam, Charlie, Kym

Just a quick email to wish you all merry Christmas and an update on my year. All in all taking a bit from Charlie a bit from Kym adding sentiment into the decision process has made for a very good year.

Here is a quick run through of the whole year.

 Jan     14.03% Gain

Feb     8.04% Gain

Mar     4.06% Gain

April    9.65% Loss 

May    22.12% Gain

June   35.50% Gain

July    12.77% Gain

Aug    20.18% Gain

Sep    9.18% Loss

Oct     1.41% Gain

Nov    21.94 Gain    

 Total 136.85%

Thanks for your no BS approach to teaching of all things trading related.

 All the best for the year ahead.” Eddie M


“Thought I’d give you an update as it’s the end of another month. I’m still maintaining a good performance and not really thinking about things too much. Over 20% in gains this month, again not thinking about it all too much just remaining very calm and focused.

I still work full time and I don’t feel it prevents me from trading in the slightest. Actually made my first withdrawal today as I think it’s important to recognise these moments and just remind myself how far I’ve actually come from first watching millions by the minute when it aired in 2014, and so I will be treating the girlfriend to a nice meal somewhere tomorrow night.

The goal remains the same… 50K first major target. Regards,” Danny P


“Hi! Just wanted to follow up with an email about how I am doing with trading, obviously my trading room membership has ran out and i will surely be back because my performance has been amazing! I really can’t believe I started to make amazing returns each month (with live account) and not only that, I have become so comfortable when it gets to losing because of the amount of times I have been down and actually came back and turned the result around. Thank you very much for everything, Ezeetrader has really changed my mind set to a professional one and that’s all from watching you guys live trading every morning. I believe I’ve got bright future with trading and managing funds.” Ali A

“As far as a testimonial goes, I had been looking at divergence for a while but never really got anywhere. I signed up with Ezeetrader and the new App and within a few days had learnt loads in a very friendly environment. This has lead to one of my most profitable trades for some time and having a day job, DST fits in with my lack of time to sit in front of a screen all day. Thanks! Best Regards,”  Steve S


“Hi Sam, I would just like to thank everyone at Ezeetrader. Although due to work commitments I had to pop in and out of the trial period.

However, I found the two day trial period very useful and I am encouraged by the professionalism that was shown by the team at Ezeetrader.

There seems to be so many scams out there and it was refreshing  to see a genuine approach to day trading. I have had my fingers burnt in the past but your team has now given me hope again!  

I will be joining your community in the future, and please pass on my thanks to Charlie and Kym. Kind regards,” J White


“Just a quick note to say that this past month has been my best month EVER in terms of consistent trading and good results. I am 28% up which for me is amazing  compared to all my past trading results over the years. 

I put most of this success down to applying myself more strictly to my plan, knocking most of my other work out of the way and following the PT method, using the EZ Signal carefully. I am finding the Signal on the hourly very very successful.

I hope this will continue and am going to see if I can do the same this month or better.

Thankyou!” best regards C Sherwin


“As you know I took a 30 pip loss on USD/JPY earlier this month. However since then I’ve had 2 further DST trades – both on my favourite currency USD/JPY!

The first was a buy trade opened on 7 June for 90 pips profit & the second was also a buy which I opened on 14 June & which I closed out today for 160 pips. So a net profit of 220 pips so far this month trading DST – and we are only half way through June.

Very happy with that – and a big thank you once again to the Ezeetrader team for sharing this strategy. If this carries on I’m going to cease my day trading activities & become a full time swinger!

Have a great weekend.”  Regards, James.