Traders Focus Group

Do you…..

  • find that you have too much on your charts?

  • lack clarity in exactly what you are trying to do?

  • find yourself buying or selling just at the wrong time?

  • get confused with regard to which timeframe you should use?

  • find there is too much noise out there?

If you have been trading for less than a year you may have realised that there are many different opinions out there. There are literally 100’s of different technical indicators which in turn may have numerous settings leaving you totally confused. YouTube and Facebook can be a great source of information, goodness you found us!; but also there are so many theoretical traders out there, you end up following yet another path which leads to further confusion.

The solution

With that in mind Charlie and Kym have put together two morning sessions which will help you move towards a clear and profitable future. These sessions will run from 8am until 11am BST on 29th August and 5th September.

So what will we cover?

  • You will learn what really matters to professional traders and what the Banks are looking at

  • Charlie and Kym will show you how to keep things simple and focused

  • They will cover risk, the most important aspect of trading

  • What you really need on your charts

  • They will make sure you have the right tools

How does it work?

In the mornings you will Join us on Zoom where you will be able to see us as if we are in the room with you and more importantly see our charts. It will be fully interactive so you will be able to ask questions as we go along. It really does not matter where you are around the world so long as you can make the time. By running them between 8:00 and 11:00 it allows you to get on with your weekend afterwards!

So what’s the deal?

You can join the guys for just £77 (plus VAT where applicable) which we will give you back should you purchase any of our other course in the future. Places will be limited so ensure you book your place now.

For further information or if you just want to check whether this is right for you please contact Sam@ezeetrader.com