We receive a huge number of enquiries with regards to what sort of equipment traders should have. We have decided to give you our recommended equipment providers. All of us at Ezeetrader use at least one machine built by these specialists and are very happy.

We have a PC specialist who has put together a workstation perfect for Ezeetraders; with high quality branded components, high specification and
good value. Contact Kevin Dowling on 01322 527766. If you tell him we sent you, he will know the sort of demands and hence be able to provide you with the best options.


Remote Access Support Service

Whether you have bought a PC from our supplier or already have a system, they offer a comprehensive annual support service for just £200 plus VAT for a single PC. There is an initial Client set up fee of £30 plus VAT.

  1. Remote access maintenance sessRemote seions on a monthly basis to improve performance and security.
  2. Remote assistance on demand, subject to operator availability.
  3. 128 bit encryption provides maximum data and network security.
  4. System status reports.
  5. Service reports.
  6. Advice on any areas that may need immediate or future attention, as well as any cost implications in an effort to help you budget for future IT requirements.
  7. Priority workshop repairs at reduced labour rates. Discounted from £40 per hour to just £27.50 per hour
  8. Equipment collection service.
  9. Priority onsite engineering services at reduced labour rates. Discounted from £65 per hour to just £50 per hour.
  10. Preferential rates on any hardware or component purchases.
  11. Next day delivery for most purchases, including printer consumables.
  12. Loyalty price reductions offered upon annual contract renewal.

Contact Kevin Dowling on 01322 527766

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