Our Trading Rooms

Introducing our on-line trading rooms

Our trading room

Our trading rooms are what sets us apart from most trading educators. Our Day Trading room is staffed by either Charlie or Kym throughout the London/European session most days of the year.

They are not meant as tipping rooms although we call some of our trades as we take them and give full explanation as to the reasoning behind them. In addition to this there are many ad-hoc training sessions, many of which are recorded for those that are not around at the time.

Aside of the in-put from Charlie and Kym, the members also contribute to the room which makes it a fun and open place to learn and spend time.

We run two main on-line trading rooms to provide additional support for those clients that purchase our Day Trading and MBT swing Trading courses plus we have developed the App which allows traders on the move to see what trades we have placed and ask questions.

The day trading room

This is our main room. It allows members to follow day trades, that Charlie and Kym share, members can see their charts and hear them give their analysis. Aside of just providing technical analysis it allows for ad-hoc training sessions, discussion on the psychology of trading amongst other content, trading and general discussion.

The room is operated from around 07:00 GMT/BST though to 16:00 or later when there is key news releases.  The room is left open normally until 21:00 GMT/BST so members can continue to talk should they wish to. To ensure that members have a basic understanding of our strategies this room is only available to those people that have bought our day trading course. You can find out more about there course by clicking here

Our trading room

The MBT Swing Trading room

Our swing trading room is open each Monday evening from 19:00. Charlie runs through his analysis of all the major pairs/cross pairs, gold and US indices. Within this weekly update he will share those pairs that he has picked out and update the members on any open positions.

In addition to the room Charlie will occasional send an email update to the members.

The purpose of the room is to ensure that traders fully understand the methodology and application of such to give them confidence in selecting their own trades. You can find out more about the room and accompanying course by clicking here